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Yellow diamonds and the different colour variations.

Yellow diamonds are quite popular coloured stones. But what are the different colour variations within the yellow diamonds, and what shade it the most sought after?

Yellow diamonds are coloured stones and are much scarcer than the colourless diamonds. Within the coloured diamonds, brown is the most common, followed by the yellow kind. That said, even within the different hues of yellow diamonds, some are easier to find than others. The colour is a result of the presence of nitrogen at the time of its composition.

Colour is the most important 4C as it’s the first aspect that a potential buyer will see. The most sought-after yellow diamonds only have one pure fancy color, while most yellow diamonds have a secondary or even a third colour present. The primary colour is yellow, the secondary colours can be green, orange or even brown. The presence of secondary colours is important not only to the look of the diamond, but to the price as well. The presence of even the slightest brown shade will bring the price down, while orange or green are favorable to the price.

The range of yellow diamonds goes from “Faint” to “Fancy Dark”, with “Fancy Vivid” being the most wanted shade. Yellow diamonds with a deep intense shade are called Canary Yellow Diamonds or Capes. The chart below gives an overview of the different shades.

Source: GIA

The other 3 C’s: carat, cut and clarity are also important to identify its quality and price.

The carat of a brown diamond, just like for a colourless diamond, is a measurement to specify its weight. One carat is equal to 200 milligrams. Keep in mind that the carat refers to the diamonds weight, and not its size.

The cut of a diamond refers to the way a rough diamond is cut. While the round shape is the most traditional one, there are many more cuts available such as emerald cut, cushion cut, pear shape, heart shape, princess cut and many more.

Source: Leibish

For colourless diamonds, the clarity is very important, but for coloured diamonds it is a bit less significant. The colour of the diamond can hide some of the flaws, some inclusions even add beauty to the diamond overall. Are you interested in buying or selling a yellow diamond or would you like to know more about them? Do not hesitate to contact our gemologists.

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