What are bluff diamonds?

Bluff diamonds are diamonds that appear to be bigger and of a better quality than they actually are. They are very popular nowadays, especially with people looking for a diamond where size matters more than the quality.

What are the characteristics of a bluff diamond? We’ll explain each 4C of this particular kind of diamond so you can have a complete view of what a bluff diamond really is and why it’s less expensive than a top graded diamond.

Firstly, we’ll discuss the clarity of the diamond, indicating if there are inclusions in the diamond. A bluff diamond typically will be graded SI (slightly included) or I (included), meaning it has some imperfections. This implies the diamond has inclusions, but what is different with a bluff diamond, is that these inclusions will be on the sides rather than in the middle. Meaning the gold smith can perfectly hide these imperfections by setting the diamond a certain way onto the jewel. In most cases, the inclusions will be hidden under the prongs.

Second on the list is the colour. While the best diamonds are colourless with a D, E or F grading, bluff diamonds tend to have a yellowish shine to it. Regardless, the diamonds will still appear colourless and not look like yellow diamonds.

Thirdly, we’ll discuss the diamond cut. In general, fancy shapes are less expensive than round brilliants. One particular shape to avoid with bluff diamonds, is the emerald cut, because it is more difficult to hide certain inclusions. The best pick when it comes to the cut for bluff diamonds are an oval or marquise cut.

Lastly there’s the carat, referring to the weight of the diamond. This is an import aspect as well, because the size is important for bluff diamond. Whilst there are compromises to be made with the colour and clarity, the budget usually allows for the carat to be high enough.

Bluff diamonds are great for people who are looking for a large diamond but don’t mind compromising on the quality. They are less expensive than the high-quality diamonds, but of course they are still diamonds. Additionally, you can choose a diamond with an IGI certificate instead of a GIA or HRD certificate as they are a bit more expensive. If you are looking to lower the budget even more, you can purchase a diamond without a certificate. Keep in mind that in this case, the diamond hasn’t been officially verified.

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