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Uniglo Diamond Inventory

Looking for a specific diamond, or exploring different options? With the Uniglo Diamond Inventory app you can now easily browse through thousands of beautiful stones straight from your smartphone.

What kind of diamonds can you find on Uniglo Diamonds Inventory? Pretty much all stones are available, ranging from natural and lab-grown diamonds of all sizes to certified diamonds as well as uncertified diamonds such as old cuts or bluff diamonds.

How to use the app?

Simply download the app, which is available for IOS and Android, and create an account. Once the application has been installed, you can filter our database to look for a specific diamond. Simply scroll and discover our large inventory.

What are the advantages of using Uniglo diamond Inventory?

Firstly, all stones of 1 carat and higher can be viewed with a 360° function, allowing you to see all the details of a specific stone. All the diamond specifications such as colour, carat, cut and clarity are available as are the GIA, HRD or IGI certificates if applicable.

Additionally, the app allows you to easily look for diamond based on the certificate number.

Do you have a certain interest in a stone? We can reserve it for you for a period of 24 hours, allowing you a bit of time to think about this important purchase. In case you would still have some questions regarding the diamonds, you can send us a query directly through the app .

Through the app you can conveniently share your favourite stones to your contacts on Whatsapp or friends on different social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

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