If you’re looking for the sparkliest of diamonds, you should probably restrict your search to radiant cut diamonds. Touted as being the sparkliest in the market, these brilliant diamonds are complete with 70 facets, making them highly coveted designs.

Radiant cut diamonds are often set into engagement rings. Be it an elongated one or a square-shaped one, these diamonds tend to resemble Emerald cuts, but aren’t to be confused with them. A radiant cut is more brilliant and is referred to as a ‘mixed cut’. What this means is that it combines the features of both step-cuts and brilliant cuts.

A Brief History

The radiant cut diamond came arrived on the scene in the year 1977. Having worked for approximately thirty years as a professional diamond cutter, a man by the name of Henry Grossbard decided to come up with a diamond cut that had the capacity to fully display the potential of a diamond’s brilliance. And so, he worked hard to combine the best characteristics of the Emerald cut and the Round brilliant cut, to create one shimmering stone – the radiant cut.

Evaluating the Radiant cut diamond


When choosing a radiant cut diamond, careful attention must be paid to its cut quality. The GIA grades the cut quality of radiant cut diamonds, so if you’re looking for a cut grade on your certificate, you won’t find it. When evaluating a radiant cut, you should always check the corners of the diamond to make sure that they’re neither too wide nor too narrow. Symmetrically cut corners make for ideal picks.


When it comes to radiant cut diamonds, the GIA grades their colour from D to Z. D signifies that the diamond is extremely clear, while Z means that it comes without any evident brown or yellow hues. Generally, an H colour is considered to be a good grade for radiant cut diamonds.


Evaluating the clarity of a radiant cut is not a simple task. This is because of personal preferences. While you may be perfectly fine with inclusions, there are others who may be looking for a diamond that is technically flawless. There are also gemologists who can check whether the diamond you’re considering to purchase is eye-clean.

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