Investing in Colored Diamonds: Understanding its Potential Returns

In the present market, investors seek favorable investment options with the anticipation of reaping substantial returns. While the future remains uncertain, we possess the ability to concentrate on concrete facts rooted in an asset’s historical performance and the prevailing demands of the market.

What stands concrete during tough times are the rare physical assets like diamonds. Investing in colored diamonds is popular due to their rarity, unique beauty, and strong potential for value appreciation. They offer a tangible and portable asset to diversify portfolios beyond traditional investments. With a history of strong returns, colored diamonds present an appealing opportunity for those seeking alternative assets with long-term growth potential.

We will discuss how these colored diamonds are worth your investment in this article.

What characteristics make them a worthwhile investment?

1. Rarity

Colored diamonds stand out as some of the most exceptionally rare natural gemstones on our planet. These exquisite gems are discovered in a limited number of mines across the globe, constituting less than 0.1% of the overall production when compared to colorless stones.

2. Market Demand

During the 20th century, having a naturally colored diamond was an exceptionally rare occurrence, limited to affluent and renowned individuals. However, as manufacturing techniques advanced over time and the Internet revolutionized marketing and exposure, different colored diamonds such as yellow diamonds and brown diamonds garnered increased attention from the general public. Moreover, when influential celebrities started showcasing their colored diamond jewelry in public, these exquisite gems swiftly became an integral part of mainstream fashion trends.

3. Durability 

Being the toughest substance on the planet, you can rest assured that nothing can easily damage it. Your only concern would be to ensure you don’t misplace it, and even that can be safeguarded through insurance.

4. Inflation Proof 

This holds for the majority of physical commodities. Assets such as real estate, gold, silver, and diamonds typically appreciate under inflation. However, diamonds possess the additional advantages of durability and mobility. Consequently, even if you are not specifically seeking diamonds as an investment, they serve as a favorable option for diversifying and preserving your wealth.

5. Sell Anywhere 

Fancy-colored diamonds like pink diamonds or purple diamonds offer the advantage of being easily resold worldwide, accepting any currency. With demand surpassing supply, these diamonds have the potential to double in value within a span of just 4 to 6 years, as demonstrated by successful auctions. While it requires patience and serves as a long-term investment, the rewards make it truly worthwhile.

How to get maximum ROI with colored diamonds?

1. Diversity of Your Diamond Portfolio

When it comes to investing, experts emphasize the importance of diversifying your portfolio, and the same principle applies to diamond investments. While it may be tempting to allocate your entire budget to a single exquisite stone, it is often wiser to divide it and invest in two or even three diamonds.

Moreover, ensure that the diamonds you choose belong to different color categories. Diversifying your portfolio offers greater flexibility, as the demand and value for specific colored diamonds may rise in the future, increasing your chances of achieving a higher return on investment. Additionally, having a portion of your diamond portfolio readily liquidated provides the advantage of accessing investment funds without the need to sell your entire investment.

2. Invest in Colored Diamonds with Rare Attributes

To ensure your investment holds value, especially if you plan to sell or liquidate the diamond later on, it is crucial to get a diamond with unique and rare characteristics. Seek a diamond that is not easily found in the market, as this will attract more attention from potential buyers. For instance, a pink diamond with decent clarity will garner significantly more interest than a colorless or yellow diamond of the same quality. Similarly, an internally flawless fancy vivid yellow diamond will undoubtedly command higher demand and fetch higher prices than a yellow diamond with inclusions. Pay close attention to the 4C’s (carat, cut, color, and clarity) and aim to acquire a diamond that captivates the attention of others.

3. Focus on Color Category Demand

Pay attention to color categories that are experiencing significant demand in the market. Certain colors may be more popular or trending at different times. Understanding the preferences of buyers and collectors can help you choose colored diamonds with better prospects for appreciation in value.


Investing always involves some speculation. Hence, it’s important to gather information and make an informed decision.

Before investing in diamonds, seek professional advice and conduct thorough research to align your goals with the risks and rewards. For reliable assistance, reach out to Uniglo Diamonds. As a reputable diamond supplier in Belgium, they prioritize educating their customers about diamonds to ensure better understanding.

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