How to Care for Your Loose Diamonds: Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

Are you aware that maintaining the cleanliness of your diamond is crucial for preserving its dazzling sparkle? If you regularly care for diamonds, they will keep shining for more years. But how do they get dirty?

Typically, diamonds accumulate grime and oily residues from contact with fingers and skin, resulting in a cloudy appearance. As this residue builds up on the surface, it significantly hinders the diamond’s ability to transmit light effectively.

This article will guide you with the most effective methods for cleaning and maintaining your loose diamonds

5 ways to maintain loose diamonds

1. Do not touch it unnecessarily

Did you know that every time you touch your diamonds, oils from your skin can be transferred to that precious stone? Over time, this accumulation forms a film that dulls its appearance. Surely, you wouldn’t want your diamonds to lose their brilliance, right? Therefore, refrain from touching it unnecessarily, and always remember this factor when you buy loose diamonds.

2. Handle with care: safely storing your diamonds

It’s important to protect your diamonds not just from loss or theft but also from potential damage. When diamonds rub against each other, they can scratch and mar their delicate surfaces. Once a diamond is damaged, its original sparkle cannot be fully restored. Hence, it is highly recommended to store each jewelry piece separately, preventing any rubbing or friction between them.

We suggest investing in a fabric-lined jewelry case with individual compartments for your diamond jewelry. This specialized case will provide the necessary protection and organization. Alternatively, you can wrap each piece of diamond jewelry in soft tissue to safeguard it from any potential scratches or abrasions. By handling your diamonds with care and storing them appropriately, you can ensure their longevity and enduring brilliance.

3. Gentle cleaning with water and mild liquid soap

Cleaning a diamond doesn’t always require any specialized formula or chemical compound. Simply take a mug of room-temperature water and add a few drops of mild liquid soap to create a soapy solution. There’s no need for excessive foam or lather. With this gentle solution, you can safely clean your diamond jewelry or loose diamond stone without causing any damage.

4. Use the power of ultrasonic jewelry cleaners

For a thorough cleaning of your diamond, consider seeking the assistance of a professional jewelry cleaner. They employ ultrasonic jewelry cleaner machines that swiftly eliminate surface impurities and dust within minutes. These machines utilize intense vibrations in a liquid medium to dislodge dirt effectively. Although the vigorous movement might inadvertently loosen the diamond from its setting, an expert jeweler possesses the skill to reset it securely without any complications. A diamond jewelry professional ensures a deep and safe clean using the advanced technology of ultrasonic cleaners.

5. Things to avoid while cleaning

When it comes to caring for your diamond jewelry, it’s essential to be mindful of what to avoid. Take note of the following precautions:

  • Avoid using chlorine bleach for cleaning.
  • Keep them away from harsh chemicals.
  • Prevent contact with perfumes, makeup, or lotions.
  • Shield them from excessive light and heat during both wear and storage.

Key takeaway While diamonds are renowned for their everlasting nature, their longevity depends on proper care. By establishing consistent cleaning routines and seeking professional cleaning services, you can maintain their pristine condition for a lifetime. Furthermore, if you require any assistance in terms of care or purchase of diamonds, contact Uniglo. They are one of the leading loose diamond manufacturers in Belgium and excel in assisting customers to find valuable diamonds that meet their needs.

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