Everything you need to know about loose diamonds: Buying Guide

When it comes to high-quality diamonds, they are mostly sold loose rather than pre-set in a ring. This is because when you buy loose diamonds, it gives you the freedom to choose the exact shape, size, and quality you desire. Moreover, the advent of the internet has revolutionized the way people shop for diamonds and jewellery, presenting numerous benefits to buyers. One such advantage is the ability to browse through a vast inventory of loose diamonds and pair them with a stunning setting of your choice.

In this article, our focus will be on highlighting five key considerations before purchasing loose diamonds. You may also check scams involved in the process of buying these diamonds. Moreover, we will wrap up by identifying the best place to buy these diamonds.

5 factors to consider before buying loose diamonds

1. Ask for certifications

It is crucial to select a certified diamond with a grading report from either the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or American Gem Society Laboratories (AGS). These non-profit institutions are recognized globally for their commitment to safeguarding consumers.

GIA, the world standard, developed the widely used 4Cs and diamond grading system. Meanwhile, AGS is credited as the originator of diamond cut grading and the first organization to issue ideal cut grades. Without an accurate assessment of diamond quality, shopping for loose diamonds becomes an impossible task.

2. Select the shape

When you buy loose diamonds, consider your purpose of use to determine the appropriate shape. If you intend to incorporate them into a jewellery piece, feel free to choose any diamond shape that appeals to you. There are approximately 10 widely used diamond shapes that can complement various jewellery designs.

However, the round diamond shape is a prevalent choice due to its exceptional light reflection. If your budget is a concern, fancy diamonds can be a more cost-effective alternative to round diamonds. Cushion Cut and Oval Cut are two examples of fancy diamonds that closely resemble the round diamond shape and offer unique options for consideration. So you may consider these shapes when buying loose diamonds for the first time.

3. Keep an eye on your budget

Determining your budget is the most important step in acquiring the ideal loose diamond. Consider how much money you are willing to spend, as most individuals seeking loose diamonds have a budget in the thousands rather than the hundreds. While it is possible to purchase a decent half-carat diamond on a budget,  a broader budget is typically necessary to buy a higher-quality diamond.

4. Learn to Read a Diamond Report

You need to accurately interpret a diamond certification, even when purchasing from a source that offers certification guarantees. This knowledge is crucial in verifying that the diamond you purchase matches the specifications listed on the certification.

To authenticate the diamond, compare the report number on the certification to the laser inscription on the diamond using a 10x magnifier. This process enables you to verify the diamond’s authenticity and ensure that it matches the information provided on the certification.

5. Buy from quality sources

While purchasing expensive items, most individuals tend to avoid overpaying and may opt to compare prices to find the cheapest option. You may find a lot of online stores offering loose diamonds for sale, but you need to select the reliable one.

Some may believe that as long as the diamond reports share similar 4Cs characteristics, purchasing the cheapest diamond is an ideal approach. However, this approach may not be advisable, as every diamond is unique, and minor details that affect its value may not be documented on the diamond report.

If you choose to order loose diamonds from online channels without adequately assessing their characteristics or verifying their certification before making a purchase, there is a possibility of receiving a fake diamond or one that does not align with the specifications documented on the diamond report.

Where can I buy loose diamonds?

The answer is Online Diamond Retailers! There are numerous trustworthy online retailers such as Uniglo Diamonds. Uniglo is one of the oldest and trustworthy loose diamonds manufacturers in Belgium. These retailers offer a diverse range of loose diamonds in different shapes, sizes, cuts, and colours. You will get the detailed information regarding each diamond’s specifications, such as carat weight, clarity grade, and colour grade from these retailers. Online retailers often offer competitive pricing and frequently provide certification from independent diamond grading labs as well as renowned institutions like GIA.

In conclusion, your search for the ideal diamond will be influenced by diamond prices and your budget. By purchasing loose diamonds online, you can avoid compromises and unpleasant surprises. This approach provides complete transparency and allows you to have complete control over your budget.

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