Everything you need to know about diamond cut – Beginners Guide

We are all aware that the 4Cs are the primary quality characteristics that determine the overall quality of a diamond and play a crucial role in the final purchase decision. Out of the 4Cs, the diamond cut is considered the most crucial one. It determines the brilliance and fire of a diamond and is defined by its proportions and technical specifications. The better the cut of a diamond, the more radiant and sparkling it will appear.

A diamond’s cut is decided by its four factors: Proportions, angles, table percentage, polish, and symmetry.

How the various characteristics interact with each other ultimately affects how light travels through the diamond, giving it that unique sparkle we all associate with diamonds. Hence you might often hear about types of diamond cuts. Although there are many types of diamond cuts, the most common ones are round cut diamond, princess cut diamond, emerald cut diamond, and cushion cut diamond.

You may also notice diamond cut and diamond shape are often used interchangeably, but they are two distinct features. Diamond cut implies the quality of the cut, whereas diamond shape deals with the pattern or arrangement of the diamond. Given the prevalence of round-cut diamonds in the wholesale industry, we will focus on the parameters necessary for achieving an ideal cut with this shape.

Which Diamond Cut Is The Best? Get familiar with the ideal cut!

The best diamond cut for you depends on your budget. While there is no perfect diamond for everyone, customers want to maximize the sparkle within their budget, whether they are looking at a small or large diamond. Out of the 4Cs (cut, color, clarity, carat), the cut has the most significant impact on a diamond’s beauty and brilliance. Even a diamond with flawless clarity may appear dull if the cut is too shallow or deep. Therefore, when selecting a diamond, aim for the highest cut grade that fits your budget.

Diamond Cut Grade Chart

Each diamond is reviewed under magnification by a professional gemologist at the GIA to determine its Cut grade. The GIA cut grades for round diamonds are as follows:

  • Excellent: Excellent Cut gives the highest level of fire and brilliance, with almost all of the incoming light reflected through the table. Hence, they create a magnificent sparkle.
  • Very Good: Very Good Cut Diamonds can provide exceptional brilliance and fire. The majority of the entering light reflects through the diamond’s table and that is why these diamonds provide a similar sparkle to those of Excellent grade.
  • Good: Good Cuts offer brilliance and sparkle, with much of the light reflecting through the table to the customer’s eye. These diamonds offer shining beauty at a lower price point.
  • Fair: Fair-cut diamonds offer little brilliance, as light easily exits through the bottom and sides of the diamond. These diamonds may be a satisfactory choice for smaller carats and those acting as side stones.
  • Poor: Poor-cut diamonds yield nearly no sparkle, brilliance, or fire, as entering light escapes from the sides and bottom of the diamond.

How to Choose the Best Diamond Cuts?

When it comes to the 4 C’s of diamonds (Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat weight), there is usually a point where beauty and value intersect.

For instance, with diamond clarity, there is a point (usually around VS1-VS2) where increasing the grade further will not significantly enhance the diamond’s beauty. A VS1 or VS2 diamond will appear quite flawless to the naked eye,

However, with diamond Cut, compromising on quality is not recommended. While average grades in clarity or color can be concealed, and low-carat diamonds can still appear radiant and beautiful, a low-cut grade will result in a diamond that lacks sparkle.

Therefore, we suggest limiting your search to only Excellent or Ideal cut grades. A poorly cut diamond will not be able to hide its flaws, even if you have to compromise on other factors due to budget constraints. And always remember, a well-cut diamond should still have the caliber to stand out!

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