One thing that you should know about emerald cut diamonds is how absolutely unique they are! Unlike their other counterparts, emerald cut diamonds are pretty rare and you won’t often find them selling like hot cakes across the globe, owing to their rarity. They’re sleek, they’re clean and they give off an air of elegance. What’s not to love?

Emerald cut diamonds are beautiful, to say the least. They have an intriguing shape, comprised of facets that are both long and narrow. These patterns tend to create sporadic flashes of light that shine through its every plane. And while they look like contemporary designs, their origins can be traced back hundreds of years!

A Brief History

Emerald cut diamonds are considered to be one of the oldest shapes in diamond history. It can actually be traced back to the table cut found in the 1500s. Creating an emerald cut came to be preferred by stonecutters. This was because it took down the pressures during the cutting process. Because of this lowered pressure, they could prevent chips from speckling the gems.

It was only then that many diamond cutters began sitting up and taking note of this mesmerising cut. Soon, they began to employ this technique into diamonds, too. It was only later in the 1920s, that emerald cut diamonds became more popular. Art Deco as a movement, rose to popularity by then, too. The movement’s inclination towards smooth, clean lines and symmetrical patterns all served to inspire this new diamond trend. And ever since, emerald cut diamonds have become one of the most treasured diamond shapes.

Evaluating the emerald cut diamond


When it comes to colour, emerald cut diamonds tend to reveal colour faster and easier, especially when compared to the other shapes. Emerald cut diamonds that are smaller, hide their colour far better than an emerald cut diamond that is bigger in size. So, it all depends on the size of the diamond you’re looking to purchase.


Always remember: the GIA does not grade fancy shaped diamonds, including emerald cuts, on their cut grade. So, if you spot one with a specific cut grade, you should know that it’s something that your jeweller has himself or herself, given or assigned to the diamond. It’s always better though, to clarify the cut grade for yourself.


Because emerald cut diamonds are made up of step cuts, it’s far easier to spot imperfections. Moreover, finding a diamond that is eye clean, is very difficult to do when it comes to emerald cuts. Of course, evaluating clarity in an emerald cut diamonds is a subjective process, since everyone has their own personal standards in terms of diamond clarity. Smaller stones however, hide imperfections better, so you could always opt for a smaller emerald cut diamond. But if you’re looking for an eye clean emerald cut diamond, you could always ask your jeweller to check on your behalf.

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