Diamonds vs crisis: why you should buy diamonds during crisis time.

During these unusual times, with the outbreak of the Corona virus, investing might not be on your priority list. But did you know that investing during a crisis might be very beneficial for your future assets?

The idea behind an investment, short or long term, is that your money grows through the purchases you’ve made. When thinking of an investment, real estate and stocks are probably the first options that comes into mind, as they are quite traditional. Diamonds, however, are also a great way to diversify your investment portfolio on a long-term plan.

What to do during a crisis such as the one we are facing now? If there’s one thing that we have learned from previous crises is that, although people are hesitant to buy, crisis comes with opportunities. And so, this current situation is actually the perfect time to purchase your investment diamond.

First of all, diamonds have always been a good investment thanks to various factors.

  • Diamonds are a physical asset that keep their value over-time.
  • Due to their scarcity and rarity, combined with a high demand.
  • Diamonds are small, unbreakable investments that are forever, and cannot be lost if stored properly.
  • Diamonds are very easy to maintain and don’t give you the hassles you might encounter with real estate.

Why should you buy diamonds during crisis time especially?

The crisis of 2008 has shown us that the diamond prices might go down during difficult times, because of the decreased demand. But after a while prices will go up again. In 2008, the prices did indeed drop, but in 2011 they increased for almost 50 to 70%. This is because demands starts rising again, while manufacturing and the supply of rough diamonds decreases.

Overall, diamonds are a great investment, especially during crisis when prices are lower than usual. Which diamond is a good investment? The 4C, carat, colour, cut and clarity, act like a passport of the precious stone, and can tell you more about the quality of the stone. We recommend to buy a diamond of at least 1 carat and of a good quality. Buying from the right source is key to a good investment.

Do you have any questions about diamonds as an investment, or would you like to know more about which one to buy? Contact our experts via email for more information.

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