Uniglo has designed its flexible diamond financing options for the benefits of its clients. These aim at increasing your affordability, while also giving you better control over your budget.

A Stress-Free Shopping Experience

We aim at maximising your purchasing power and providing you with a hassle-free shopping experience. At Uniglo, we offer flexible financing, with a buy now and pay later scheme.

We offer you payment schemes, through which you can pay for your purchase, over a period of time. If none of our existing diamond financing options meet your specific requirements, then we’d be glad to customize one for you. This lets you pay in several budget-friendly instalments, ridding you of the burden of paying in a lump sum. Also, under certain diamond jewellery online schemes, we offer no-interest payback options.

No-interest Diamond Financing

  • For certified goods, you can pay 60 days after purchase date, under an interest-free financing scheme.
  • If you are purchasing polished diamonds from Uniglo, you can pay 120 days after purchase date, under an interest-free diamond financing scheme.

To know more, contact one of our customer care representatives, or fill out the contact form, and enable us to get in touch with you.