A cushion cut diamond is a study in elegance. Its wonderfully rounded edges stand out beautifully once they’re set onto a solid ring or even earrings, making them absolute favourites among women the world over. Besides, cushion cut diamonds have been around for a really long time – as many as 200 years!

Essentially, cushion cut diamonds are square cut diamonds with curved or rounded corners. This design makes them look like little pillows. Hence, of course, the name. These diamonds are a wonderful mix of a modern design and a classic cut. They’re yet another popular choice when it comes to picking out engagement rings. We’re sure you can see why!

A Brief History

Up until the 20th Century, cushion cut diamonds were the go-to choices for both diamond buyers and sellers. It was earlier referred to as the ‘mine’ cut. This name indicated its shape – square with rounded corners. It also drew its name from the diamond mines of Brazil.

In fact, during the 19th century, these cushion cuts were not only witnessed in diamonds. Other gem stones would also be cut in a similar pattern. This sort of ‘mine’ cut had about 58 facets. The cushion cut that you see today, has as many as 64 facets. With time, the cushion cut has evolved in more ways than one, letting you choose to get an additional series of facets or even crescent-shaped ones to make them look different from the old-school version of this cut. So yes, cushion cuts are also extremely versatile.

Evaluating the cushion cut diamond

In your quest for that flawless cushion cut diamond, make sure to note that there are two different variations or looks. If the diamond provides reflections of light off the back facets, you’re looking at a ‘chunky’ cushion cut.  But sometimes, the diamond you’re looking at might resemble crushed ice or even broken glass. In that case, the back facets will not be very apparent. It will in fact, give off a glittering aura made of multiple small reflections.

Here’s how to evaluate these cushion cut diamonds on the basis of Colour, Cut and Clarity.


Retaining colour is the one thing that a cushion cut diamond doesn’t do very well! But they do lend themselves well to those who specialise in fancy colour diamonds, when it comes to retaining colour. Cushion cut diamonds are especially popular in the fancy colour diamond sector. Choose an H or better when you’re purchasing such a diamond, unless you’re going to have it set in yellow or rose gold, in case of which you come down to K or J.  


Cushion cut diamonds tend to have an open table that’s comparatively larger. And so, it’s not always easy to get your hands on an Sl2 or Sl1 diamond that’s also eye clean. Speaking of clarity, it’s always better to stick to an Sl1 clarity grade, or better.


In general terms, when evaluating the cut of such a diamond, go for a depth of under 70%, a table of under 70% and a polish or symmetry that’s either rated Good, Very Good or Excellent. In terms of the diamond’s length and width ratio, you can pick whatever you like.

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