Covid 19

From The Uniglo family to you, in this unpredictable and uncertain time, where Covid-19, a highly contagious corona virus that originated in the Wuhan province of China, is now declared a global pandemic, we urge you, our friends, family and loyal patrons to stay at home, stay safe, stay sane and stay sanitised.

In the wake of these difficult times, it is important to remember to consume the right information and to try not to spread panic or add stress to your current new lifestyle, as stress tends to decrease one’s immunity and today strengthening our immunity is the need of the hour. Adding doses of turmeric, vitamin c and other immunity boosting agents is also advisable.

Quarantine, work from home and social distancing may be new words in our dictionary but until this settles, it is our new normal and let’s welcome it and encourage it. Let us not underestimate what this time may bring us, and let us believe that we can handle it, together as a people of the world.

Let us fight the virus and ensure it stops spreading. Our timing and diligence to safety protocols and adherence to what health ministries and officials say is paramount. Let us believe in each other, trust one another to do the right thing and be responsible.

We wish each one of you the best of health and happiness, even in these tough times we must be positive and optimistic of the future that lies ahead of us. Take care, be well, and stay clean and germ-free!

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