Top-graded, independently-certified diamonds.

Uniglo Diamonds sell top-graded, independently-certified diamonds worldwide. Since we manufacture in our own in-house state-of-the-art facilities in Antwerp, we guarantee the best-in-market, low and attractive pricing, based on the 4C diamond criteria. You can browse through a massive inventory of small and large stones, in the best diamond cuts and quality parameters and discerningly make your selections. Additionally, Uniglo Diamonds also caters to B2B solutions and sells commercial stones as well as top stones. For more information on that, contact any of our experts from the Uniglo Diamonds entourage.

Buy diamonds in bulk.

Uniglo Diamonds also specialises in bulk diamond orders both in different sized diamonds as well as in consistent diamond assortments of the same goods in one size, colour and clarity. Understanding the specific needs of each kind of customer, we extend our brilliant diamond products to everyone, from wholesalers to retailers for bulk diamond orders and even to discerning private clients who may be only looking for one diamond engagement ring or piece of diamond jewellery.

Why buying diamonds online is a smart investment?   

Investing in diamonds has a great potential, serving as a popular and safe investment, with great prospects for growth compared to other traditional investment tools.

Diamonds are a durable investment. As diamonds the hardest substance on earth, you don’t have to worry about them breaking or wearing off. It is an investment that you can see, touch and even wear, unlike other traditional kinds of investments like stocks. The psychological influence of that is far-reaching.

Diamonds usually appreciate in compliance with inflation, making them the basis of a healthy and balanced investment portfolio.

What’s more, at Uniglo Diamonds, you will walk away not only with the best-in-class diamonds, but we will make sure whatever diamond you purchase from us will yield good returns if and when you sell it. Additionally, you can always sell your diamonds back to Uniglo, free of charge and at the current market price, confidently without any hassle.

At Uniglo Diamonds, you can rest assured to gain access to an experienced entourage of diamond experts who will be able to give you the right advice, guidance and analysis on what kind of diamonds and diamond products would be a suitable investment for the present, and a fruitful investment for the future.

Why you should buy diamonds from us.

  • Uniglo Diamonds is committed to giving you all the relevant diamond expertise, guidance and product range depending on your investment goals and available funds, ensuring you make a sound, safe and smart investment in diamonds.
  • We will tailor recommend what is the best choice diamond investment based on your individual situation, all things considered.
  • Our process of selling diamonds is seamless, detail-oriented and full-proof.
  • You will be guaranteed increased returns on your diamonds from the very first day of your diamond investment courtesy Uniglo Diamonds’ reasonably priced diamonds and diamond products.
  • You will not incur any unnecessary costs during your diamond purchase or investment in Uniglo Diamonds as we do not use a middleman.
  • If you buy your investment diamonds through Uniglo Diamonds, you do not have to worry about any risks with varying buy-back values, as we offer the option of re-buying the diamonds from you at a later date, or arrange for a new buyer, at the most competitive prices available in the market at that time.
  • Uniglo Diamonds can also assist you in valuing your inheritance goods.
  • We also offer advice and recommendations on increasing the value of your goods by re-cutting stones, re-submitting for new certificates or even re-cutting old cuts into more modern ones.

This partnership will be one of value. just like a diamond!

Constantly on the hunt for like-minded partners who share Uniglo’s vision, passion and integrity, we join hands with the finest in the diamond industry.

We believe in seizing the moment and making the most of the diamond industry. We are always seeking to make new connections and find unique ways to promote our brand, and our service of buying and selling diamonds.

We are interested in qualified diamond companies to collaborate with us to further develop sales and purchases of diamonds internationally, on a mutually-beneficial basis.

We want to develop strong relationships which will yield great results for everyone in the future, as well as continue to be able to supply diamonds to the demand of our ever-increasing worldwide customer base. Ultimately diamonds are unique and require a long-term vision.

Diamonds are a finite resource whose value must be maximized while it lasts. A true partnership requires shared incentives, and we believe we offer the right kind of syndication to enable us to grow bigger and better together.

We stand out from the rest not only because of our inimitable diamonds and diamond products, but our ease of service and hospitable approach is also what makes us shine bright, just like a diamond.

Become part of the Uniglo Family.

We treasure our clientele and don’t consider business as a mere transaction, but rather an inheritance of a long-lasting relationship, one which can grow in value, just like a diamond does.

Uniglo Diamonds is after all a family business, and the people we do business with become a part of that family. They buy what we love: and we love our jewels like they are our own, continuously striving to offer our clients something that will last forever.

As our trusted partner, you can rest assured on having a genuine competitive edge in this billion-dollar diamond industry, with the heritage our brand name holds, the commitment we have, and with our strong affiliations in the industry. Reach out to us if you are interested in collaborating and taking the diamond industry by storm, in a united manner.