At Uniglo, we speak your language.

Are you looking for a specific diamond for one of your clients? Maybe you would like to find the perfect precious stone for your engagement or wedding ring? At Uniglo Diamonds we sell a variety of diamonds, ranging from highly exclusive fancy diamonds to smaller calibrated diamonds. We are proud to say that we can assist you in your search in the language you are most comfortable in.

We invite you to discover our available diamonds through our online inventory or by taking an appointment in our beautiful showroom in the heart of Antwerp, the diamond capital. We are also available to assist you through a video call.

Our team of diamond advisors speak many different languages ranging from English, Dutch, French and Italian to Indian, Chinese, Russian and Arabic. You can easily book an appointment with us through our contact form, where you can mention your preferred language.

Start looking for your perfect diamond or tailor-made jewel today.

Would you like to know more about diamond? Visit our education page, where you can learn all about diamond.

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