Driven by a passion for perfection, Uniglo Diamonds began its journey in the year 1988, as a family-owned business. Later, by 2000, our dedication turned this venture into one of the most trusted brands. Since its inception, Uniglo Diamonds has been in constant pursuit for perfection.

Situated in Antwerp, Belgium, Uniglo Diamonds strives hard to bring you the best natural diamonds. Over 80 percent of our clientele includes those who reach out to us by the ‘word of mouth’. We pride ourselves for earning customer loyalty and upholding it by sourcing the best diamonds available. Your trust makes us more determined to work harder and to exceed your expectations

Why us?

With the increasing demands, quality concerns and diverse preferences, there arises a need for a trustworthy brand. We are determined to live up to the expectations of our clients and do the best we can to meet their expectations. Situated in the city of diamonds, we definitely have a penchant for the best ones.

Our Values and Vision

To provide our customers with the finest diamonds, we constantly compete with ourselves. Everything we do within the house of Uniglo stands on the pillars of quality, trust, integrity, and transparency. We employ the best-in-class technology, machinery and craftsmanship in order to exceed over and beyond the expectations of our esteemed clients.

Our Operations

When it comes to diamonds, you name it, and we’ll do it for you. Whether it’s buying, selling, trading or something as intricate as evaluation and advisory services, we do all of it.

To provide our valuable clients with the most precious gem is our passion, something we gradually turned into a profession. So once you visit or interact with us, you won’t have to look any further, and that’s a promise.