Our Values and Vision

With a keen fascination on the emotional power a diamond demands, at Uniglo we aim to enamour our customers with design and quality unlike any other. Our resolve is built upon an appreciation for the impeccable, natural beauty of diamonds. Everything we do within the house of Uniglo stands on the pillars of quality, trust, loyalty, innovation, integrity, transparency, expert craftsmanship, dedication and unique design. We employ the best in technology, machinery and craftsmanship to ensure every customer is left delighted with their natural diamond wonders. No stage is overlooked, no step skipped, no process inferior – perfection is our only passion.

pear diamond

Sourcing Hidden Wonders

The quest of discovering the best natural diamonds in the world requires an expedition deep into the earth, to uncover the most brilliant stones that lay below its surface. With an ardent dedication, we strive to unearth the finest natural diamonds, often many millions of years old. We source our diamonds from renowned mines in Russia, South Africa and Canada. With the mandate of practicing in an ethical manner, every Uniglo stone is responsibly mined and traceable to its source. Every stone is professionally checked and 100% natural, and can be cross checked with any laboratory in the world.

Craftsmanship That’s Captivating

A rough diamond has many secrets within its form. It is brought to surface in its most natural, raw and rough form with a million possibilities waiting to be revealed. It could transform into a cascade of small gems or it could become a single, perfectly cut stone. At Uniglo, we tirelessly explore every option, from the simple to the elegant and even to the ambitious – we set the diamond’s fate – and await your discernment, with room for flexibility enabling us to cut diamonds specific to your every need and specification. With dexterity, precision and patience, the skill of our cutters and polishers helps unlock the hidden radiance of the world’s most beautiful gems, producing polished diamonds from as small as 0,0005 cts to large diamonds up to 10 cts. Our master craftsmen are endowed with the secrets and skills that bring life to each stone, unleashing its inimitable beauty, time after time. Inspired by traditions dating back centuries as well as the most cutting-edge innovations in the industry, our techniques are second to none.

Designing Masterpieces

At Uniglo Diamonds, our operations go beyond the sourcing, cutting and polishing of loose, rough natural diamonds. It also includes the design, manufacture and retail distribution of bespoke and personalised jewellery. With the benefit of having the world’s most brilliant gems at our disposal, our designers have the unique opportunity to transform creative dreams into realities, producing the most extraordinary and flawless jewellery. Known for their deceptive simplicity, their fine balance and proportion and their sensuous and steadfast style sensibilities, our designers ensure that true works of art come to form, to instantly captivate your hearts.
jewelry design

A future That Shines

With a vision for timeless beauty, Uniglo steps into the future, constantly evolving, innovating and continuously striving for perfection. We set out to create legacies – stones that are cut in the Uniglo atelier today are destined to become the legendary masterpieces of tomorrow. Every stone has a unique story to tell, a story that becomes yours. A perfect reflection of all you are, every natural diamond is treated with the utmost care, delivering perfection from its every facet. Over the years, Uniglo has transformed into a global hallmark of innovation, creativity and craftsmanship. And with its dedication to state-of-the-art manufacturing and its use of groundbreaking technology, it endeavors to move forward, sourcing the finest natural, rare diamonds from the best sources, breaking boundaries and making flawless statements, wherever it shines next.