Our Services

There is nothing Uniglo Diamonds doesn’t do. From sourcing natural diamonds in its rough form from the best mines in the world to manufacturing the finest products, from buying diamonds from clients to selling them at the most competitive and best-in-market, reasonable prices. From offering invaluable advice and guidance in terms of diamond investments to forming bonds and partnerships of indispensable value – Uniglo Diamonds pulls no stops, and extends its prowess across all areas in the world of diamonds. Once you come to Uniglo, you won’t find the need to go anywhere else.

We Buy Diamonds

We have been valuing and buying diamonds for over 10 years, giving us the expertise and knowledge needed to offer you highest prices.

We Sell Diamonds

Uniglo Diamonds sells top-graded, independently-certified diamonds worldwide. We have a huge (Online) inventory of small and large stones.

Bulk Orders

We specialise in bulk orders both in different sizes as well as in consistent assortments of the same goods in one size, colour and clarity.

The Best Market Prices

By quoting you a firm and precise value based on the 4C criteria and market demand, we promise you the very best price for your valuable diamonds. We also cater to professional clients, offering the best prices for premium quality diamonds.

Free Appraisal & FedEx Shipping​

If you would like to proceed with a free FedEx pick up and a free appraisal, we would like to invite you to use our practical FedEx pick up request form. When it comes to shipping, we use only the best couriers to guarantee the safe and speedy arrival of your purchase. Everything we ship is insured fully.

Flexible Payment Options

We offer flexible payment options, with a buy now pay later scheme. We aim to bring you more purchasing power, and a less stressful shopping experience. Through our payment schemes, you gain the advantage of paying for your diamonds over a period of time.

Investment Diamonds

You can call upon our extensive experience for advice on diamonds for investment. Whatever your investment goals or your available funds, we will make the best recommendations for you.

Diamond Manufacturing

Our facilities in India are responsible for the most significant share of our production. In Antwerp, we leverage the unrivalled level of manufacturing expertise to produce our highest value diamonds.

Expert Advise

Diamonds are increasingly popular as a safe investment. We have been valuing and buying diamonds for over 10 years, giving us the expertise and knowledge needed to offer you highest prices for your diamonds.