Our Story

Driven by the pursuit and passion of perfection, a fine attention to detail and an appreciation for true beauty, the brand Uniglo has made an indelible mark in the world of natural diamonds. It all started in 1988, as a family business which went on to become a unified brand called Uniglo, established in 2000 in Antwerp, Belgium, the city of diamonds.

Our Journey

For over three decades Uniglo Diamonds has represented the rarest and most beautiful natural diamonds in the world. With quality, service and perfection as the three-pronged cornerstone of the company, generations of the Uniglo family have employed their vast experience and expertise to create masterpieces that appeal to one and all—from the doting fiancée to the calculated investor. Painstakingly involved in picking the finest stones, with access to all the best, direct sources of rough natural diamonds, Uniglo promises perfection every step of the way. The brand’s in-house manufacturing unit is in India, and it ships all over the world, spreading the Uniglo name far and wide, gaining a reputation for its outstanding selection of diamonds and unparalleled excellence in service. The brand’s story of metamorphosis is in many ways very similar to that of a diamond – transforming from a raw, rough carbon into a precious, brilliant and refined gem. And the journey continues.

Our Services

Uniglo Diamonds sells from a huge inventory of small and large stones, in all sizes, shapes, clarities and colours, all top-graded, independently-certified diamonds worldwide. We also buy natural diamonds, valuing them based on the most precise parameters measured against the 4C criteria and based on the market demand. You can tap into our extensive experience of natural diamonds to guide you with expert advice on diamonds for investment purposes. Uniglo Diamonds also continuously invests in state-of-the-art technology to maintain its leadership in the market, and possesses a talented labour force, which stands as our biggest asset.

We Buy Diamonds

We have been valuing and buying diamonds for over 10 years, giving us the expertise and knowledge needed to offer you highest prices.

We Sell Diamonds

Uniglo Diamonds sells top-graded, independently-certified diamonds worldwide. We have a huge (Online) inventory of small and large stones.

Bulk Orders

We specialise in bulk orders both in different sizes as well as in consistent assortments of the same goods in one size, colour and clarity.

Investment Diamonds

You can call upon our extensive experience for advice on diamonds for investment. Whatever your investment goals or your available funds, we will make the best recommendations for you.

Diamond Manufacturing

Our facilities in India are responsible for the most significant share of our production. In Antwerp, we leverage the unrivalled level of manufacturing expertise to produce our highest value diamonds.

Expert Advise

Diamonds are increasingly popular as a safe investment. We have been valuing and buying diamonds for over 10 years, giving us the expertise and knowledge needed to offer you highest prices for your diamonds.


Our Distinction

What makes Uniglo Diamonds truly unique is as a direct diamond manufacturer, we purchase rough diamonds directly from the source and guarantee the best and most competitive prices. We ship around the world, including small orders with no minimum guarantee required. We even provide flexible payment options, in multiple currencies, in accordance to the then exchange rate. We provide fix assortments as well as have all kind of natural diamonds in our arsenal, with or without a certificate. We are all-encompassing in the world of natural diamonds – a one stop shop for all diamond solutions.