Uniglo Diamonds sells top-graded, independently-certified diamonds worldwide. We have a huge inventory of small and large stones.


At Uniglo Diamonds, we quote you a firm and precise value based on the 4C criteria and market demand, giving you the very best price for your diamonds.


Diamonds are increasingly popular as a safe investment. You can call upon our extensive experience for advice on diamonds for investment.


Uniglo Diamonds invests continuously in state-of-the-art technology to maintain its leadership, yet our most valuable asset still remains our talented labour force.

Diamonds 4C's

Please take a moment to read more about the significance and definition of these 4 criteria. They will both help you understand a diamond’s characteristics and increase your pleasure during and long after the purchase process.

Ethical diamonds

Natural diamonds are the finest symbols of love and purity. We are therefore committed to taking all possible steps to protect the integrity of the diamonds we offer, ensuring you can buy from us with full confidence.


Our service also goes far beyond the sale of loose diamonds! We have a designer in-house to create one-off personalised jewellery for our private clients or for our retailers.


Uniglo Diamonds is interested in hearing from qualified companies able to partner with us to further develop sales and purchases of diamonds internationally.